Corporate greenwashing involves a company enhancing – or fabricating – the environmental impact of its services and products. As consumers, we need to be aware of these marketing tools designed to mislead us with the sustainability efforts of some companies. Planet Tracker developed this list to help you distinguish companies that use these mechanisms in their communication:

Greencrowding is built on the belief that you can hide in a crowd to avoid discovery, relying on safety in numbers. If sustainability policies are being developed, it is likely that the group will move at the speed of the slowest.

Greenlighting occurs when company communications spotlight a particularly green feature of its operations or products, however small, in order to draw attention away from environmentally damaging activities being conducted elsewhere.

Greenshifting is when companies imply that the consumer is at fault and shift the blame on to them.

Greenlabelling is a practice where marketers call something green or sustainable, but a closer examination reveals this to be misleading.

Greenrinsing refers to a company regularly changing its ESG targets before they are achieved.

Greenhushing refers to corporate management teams under-reporting or hiding their sustainability credentials in order to evade investor scrutiny.

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