Certified Sustainability Manager course is online!

In today’s environment of increasing sustainability and environmental awareness, medical facilities play a major role in implementing sustainable healthcare. Our new online course offers employees of practices and clinics the opportunity to expand their understanding of sustainable practices and integrate concrete actions into their daily work.

The on-demand course provides in-depth knowledge of climate, energy and ecology, the connection between medicine and the environment, sustainable practice management, and communication and outreach. Through accompanying online exams, participants have the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and receive certification as a greenviu® sustainability manager at the end of the course.

Several modules have to be completed, covering all relevant aspects of sustainable medicine. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the impact of climate change on health, energy efficiency in medical facilities, ecological practice management, and communication strategies for a sustainable public image. The course is led by Dr. Dr. Markus Tröltzsch, one of our founders, who is now internationally recognized as an expert in the field of sustainable medicine. Graduates of the course will be able to develop and implement innovative and scientifically based strategies for environmentally friendly practice management specifically for their institution.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive certification as a greenviu® sustainability manager, which recognizes their skills and commitment to sustainable healthcare. This certification also serves as a quality credential for medical institutions looking to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

“We are excited to introduce our new online course for employees of medical practices and clinics, we have been working long and hard towards this,” said Walter Esinger, one of the shareholders of greenviu®.

“Sustainability is a fundamental component of responsible medical practice, and we want to help staff increase their knowledge and skills in this area. The greenviu® course provides comprehensive training and enables participants to integrate sustainability into their daily work and lead the way in creating greener healthcare,” said PD Dr. Dr. Matthias Tröltzsch, co-founder of greenviu®.

Katrin Groos of greenviu® adds, “Sustainability can only succeed if the whole team is involved – now that’s easy and flexible!”

“In addition, this training course was also designed for the employees of our industrial partners, so that the footprint can be further reduced here already in the upstream area,” says Sebastian Sauber, Managing Director of greenviu®.

The greenviu® online course for employees of medical practices and clinics is now available in German for Prime members and industry partners of greenviu. The English version of the course is currently being recorded and will be available on the English website in the near future.

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