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Meet our partner @happynecks, who produces high-quality headrests and lumbar supports for dental care. Its ever-increasing commitment to the environment […]

🌱 Did you know that there are more living organisms in a tablespoon of soil than people on Earth? Soil […]

🙏 On the occasion of our first anniversary and as today is Thanksgiving, we want to thank all our members, […]

🇺🇦 greenviu is celebrating its first anniversary. One of our most impactful actions was the humanitarian transport to Ukraine in […]

🌍 Decarbonization cannot wait. We are perilously close to crossing irreversible tipping points. We hope that governments and organizations present at […]

Do you want to know the most efficient ways to save energy (and money) and lower carbon emissions?In this study […]

🧊 Rising air temperatures amplify the effects of melting caused by ocean warming, leading to greater ice loss from the […]

🌱 Do you want to know more about greenviu membership levels?Get to know Prime· The optimal way to achieve sustainability […]

🇵🇹 Meet one of our ambassadors, Dr Inês Barbosa from Lisbon, Portugal“Prevention is the key in dentistry and the environment. […]

🏭 Did you know that if the health sector were a country, it would be the fifth-largest greenhouse gas emitter […]