Reset password (if not already done)

1. Click on “Account”

2. Go to “Login” and “Forgot Password? Click here”

3. Enter your email address and click at “request password reset”

You will then receive an E-Mail with a link where you can reset your password.

Update your payment informaton

  1. Login and go to “Subscriptions”
  2. If your subscription is marked as “Active”, you do not have to do anything.
    The easiest way ist to wait until your subscription expires, then you will automatically receive a reminder to re-activate your subscription and update your payment information.
  3. If you do NOT have an active subscription, click at “Subscribe”

and enter your preferred payment method

Your account will then be activated with the new payment method.

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you get an error

If you want to change your payment, but your subscription has not expired yet, it might occur that you get the following error:

In that case, please make sure that you are logged in (that is crucial for the following step to work) and go to the following link:


Now click on your desired subscription and enter your payment details at the bottom of the page.