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The option for medical professionals who want to take first steps toward a higher sustainability in their daily life and receive regular information about this topic.


The all-encompassing sustainable option for medical professionals.

Contribute towards a healthier planet.

Access high quality, difficult to find, sustainable products at an affordable price (depends on your country).

Admission into an international society of highly dedicated medical professionals who are on the forefront of a conversion to a sustainable medical industry.

Included compensation of up to 15 Tons CO2 included in your annual membership fee.

Guarantee that your compensations go only into certified and recognized projects. Therefore, as a Greenviu member you will receive official certificates of carbon dioxide compensations.

Invitation to be part of a scientific community that helps improve the scientific basis for sustainable medicine (to start in 2023).

Access to a library of scientific literature regarding the ecological impact healthcare has on nature; free to use for presentations and scientific publications as well as for marketing purposes.

greenviu is an accredited partner of the United Nations which is one of the most credible and trustworthy organizations worldwide.

€993 / 12 Months