getting close a serious calculation scheme

Is our solution perfect ? Or is it at least flawless ? Sorry it is not. It’s imperfect, contains estimations and has faults. But it’s the best algorithm possible with the available evidence. It is designed to learn and to be improved as we gather more information. The Greenviu solution is the only method specifically tailored to healthcare providers and with your help we do our best to continually improve it.

What is the true ecological footprint of any clinic or medical practitioner? This question has riddled us for more than two years now and this was actually the beginning of Greenviu.

For our own clinic we tried to calculate our footprint and failed. Here we understood how difficult it is to calculate healthcare providers in contrast to other existing businesses.

It has taken us time, we have studied the science and the literature and with the help of very talented individuals coming from maths physics and informatics we actually succeeded in programming an algorithm that is both simple and precise. Our members get access to this unique tool that will take them only less than a minute to fill out but at the other side has the ability to take as much in-depth information as needed.

Due to this tool we can actually standardize medicines practitioners ecological footprint.