Greenviu is a membership-based society. Our goal is to make going green as simple as possible for our members by following the strategy of reduce, replace, compensate.

Upon registration you will make an immediate impact on the reduction of your carbon footprint and become part of a society that values environmentally sound clinics.

All new members will receive a guide instructing them on how to reduce their ecological footprint based on the Greenviu membership package. While compensation fees are included in the membership rate, we also offer individually tailored compensation plans for those who wish to venture further in reducing their ecological footprint and overtime achieve an ultra neutral or negative ecological footprint.

Additionally, all members will receive access to eco-friendly consumable medical products that are recommended by Greenviu and used within The Green Clinic Society.

Reasons why you should become a greenviu member now:


Exclusive footprint calculator (GFC)

  • As far as we know, the only existing science-based algorithm that is able to calculate the economical footprint of medical institutions

  • Provides individual results and recommendations on how to improve the ecological footprint

  • Algorithms for clinics as well as individuals are available

  • Permanently developed and improved by our team


Financial benefits

  • Ecology and economy go hand in hand

  • Compliance with greenviu clinic guidelines leads to extensive cost savings

  • Clinic guidelines are easy to implement

  • Discounts on various sustainable products

  • Higher willingness of patients to spend money if the clinic works sustainably



  • All greenviu statements and recommendations are science-based

  • No greenwashing

  • Extensive library in member area where all relevant literature can be accessed

  • greenviu academy provides education for members and their staff



  • Clinic guideline with hands-on instructions for sustainable clinic management

  • Additional individual guideline for employees

  • Personal contact person at greenviu


Sustainability Report

  • The submission of a Sustainability Report is an upcoming legal requirement for many institutions in the EU

  • The engagement at greenviu qualifies as part of the Sustainability Report

  • As certified partner of the CLIMATE NEUTRAL NOW-initiative, greenviu reports regularly to the UN

External effect

  • greenviu is a communicator for sustainability and climate protection

  • Extensive selection of social media templates which can be used by greenviu members

  • Templates for employee as well as patient information are provided

  • Members are entitled to use the greenviu logo in their communication

  • Representative old oak signs

  • Positive effects on recruiting as potential employees prefer to work for an employer who cares about the environment


  • Minimum CO2 offset of all members as part of member fee

  • greenviu award system for special achievements

  • Virtual practice inspection for prime members by greenviu (starts in autumn)

  • Certificate of membership provided by greenviu


  • Greenviu is a certified partner of the UN

  • Scientific evidence for all recommendations is provided in library

  • Worldwide dissemination

  • Renowned opinion leaders are greenviu ambassadors

  • Sustainability at professional and objective level (vs. own statement)

  • Cooperations with universites ans scientific associations

  • Upcoming legal requirements are met

greenviu Academy

  • Online trainings on various topics

  • Hygiene curriculum

  • CME Points

  • Training as Certified Sustainability Officer (starting in 2022)

  • Free-of-charge access or reduced fee for members on selected on- and offline events

  • Commented literature review on current studies


  • Professionally researched news and information from the world of sustainability

  • Adoptable for your practice information

  • Information on special promotions and benefits for members