Adapter Hygoformic® Bio

Aspirator tubes & Saliva ejectors

Saliva ejectors and aspirator tubes
(from Scandinavia – fossil-free green PE, made from sugarcane)

Why fossil-free green PE?
Sugarcane is a completely renewable resource

Adapter Hygoformic® Bio

  • Manufactured from biobased Green PE


  • All Orsing Bio-Products are fossil-free manufactured

  • Biobased Green Polyethylene from sugarcane

  • Green PE is made from renewable plants

  • Green PE saves 80% CO² compared to conventional PE

  • Sugarcane is grown more than 2.000 km away from the Amazonas region – No rainforest is destroyed to grow the plants

  • All packing materials are biobased as well

  • Made in Sweden