Over two years ago we began our journey to help medicine develop a more sustainable base. Our biggest challenge was to find scientific evidence and use that to calculate models on which to build a standard that we could develop into a comparable, fair, and transparent evaluation and certification model. Is our solution perfect? Or is it at least flawless? Sorry it is not. It’s imperfect, contains estimations and has faults. But it’s the best algorithm possible with the available evidence. It is designed to learn and to be improved as we gather more information.

The research that will benefit the broadest audience is published on our library page. Next, we began our search for methods and products that could make medicine more sustainable. This required that we discover which actions within the medical field pose the biggest threats to nature, and if our ecological footprint can be improved without tampering with quality and hygiene management. Covid 19, for example, has made medicine’s ecological impact far worse than ever before. The abundant use of protective garments, disinfecting agents and other measures has reached record heights. Covid 19 showed us that we can no longer wait to begin action towards making medicine green.


At Greenviu we believe in a world where people and businesses think, act and operate eco-friendly. We are driven to empower you to become a member of our community. There are various membership options. Please contact us at any time if you need support to get started.

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